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Having witnessed the prolonged dry weather seasons (caused by climate change) was having on wildlife and communities in Lamu and Tsavo, we work with communities to work on lasting water solutions that benefit both wildlife and communities. Such as boreholes and commissioning water holes.

2017's devastating drought finally ended but the beginning of 2018, the dry spell was lingering on, dams were quickly drying up especially at Chomo dam and to avoid a crisis like the previous year, we quickly resolved on having a borehole drilled that would serve both wildlife and communities. 

A borehole here meant that hippo and buffalos wouldn’t stray into nearby villages in search of water and cause havoc. It also meant lesser walking distances for women and girls when going in search of water. Our work started a few days later and in 10 days we had precious fresh flowing water. The area was teeming with hippo, buffalo, topi, warthogs and all sorts of colorful birds – a true haven indeed – all possible because of the generous support of our donors.

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